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Are you tired running out of hot water? Paying high energy bills? Want to save money and reduce your carbon footprint? Looking to do a conversion from electric hot water heater to gas water heater?
One question you hear often in life – especially when you become a homeowner – for many different products: buy or rent? Water heater ownership may not have crossed your mind when it comes to the issue of permanently purchase vs temporarily borrow, but there are a lot of factors to consider regarding which choice is right – and the benefits of Renting water heater from GWHR may, in fact, surprise you.
Innovations G.W.H.R has established a reputation for embracing new, proven technology to consistently provide better safety, reliability, efficiency and performance. Here are some of our exclusive features and what they deliver for you…
Don’t wait until your water heater stops working entirely or develops a potentially damaging leak. When an old water heater fails, it can leak. Depending on the amount of water released, this could damage carpets, flooring or furniture, cause mold in your home, and create a costly mess. By replacing your water heater before it starts to leak, you can avoid the cost and hassle of water damage. Why wait for the worst to happen? Get your new water heater in place before problems arise and get all the hot water you need and some peace of mind. Call your favorite plumbing/HVAC pro to do an annual inspection of your water heater.
Why Choose Bradford White? How you heat your water matters™ That’s why millions of American households rely on the quality, reliability and efficiency of Bradford White Water Heaters. Check out all the features and reasons that make Bradford White products… Built to be the Best®
Is It Time To Replace Your Water Heater? - if water is yellow color - if too much gas consumption - if water is smelly - if its more than 10 yrs old
G. W.H.R area for HVAC-furnaces, air conditioners, hot water heaters, tankless units includes: Toronto, GTA, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Scarborough, Milton, Burlington, Niagara Falls, Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax, Aurora, Newmarket, Barrie, Ottawa and more. For a full servicing area please click here.
When you rent a water heater you’re joining Ontario’s most affordable, worry-free rental program. You don’t pay a cent up front when you rent. There is no cost for purchasing or installation. One affordable monthly fee includes everything. You save up to 30% on your Energy and the sooner you upgrade to an Energy Efficient water heater the faster you will start saving money Our technicians are licensed professionals who will install and service your equipment up to TSSA codes and standards We deliver excellent service and top of the line equipment to our customers. Our tanks offer dependability, high quality features and great value. We only install reputable, durable brands so customers will always be comfortable and protected. With our 24/7/365 maintenance program you receive lifetime service and repairs on all parts and labor and stay protected and worry free from unforeseen costs. You never have to worry about dealing with breakdowns, costs and replacement of your hot water heater. You will not be receiving any extra bills and rental water heater charges will appear in the other Companies Section of your Enbridge Gas Distribution Bill. If you move hot water tank rental stays with the home, and you have no further obligations or concerns, the new owner can simply assume the rental of the hot water heater Low, regular monthly payments make budgeting easy. Best Water Heater Rental Rates.
You may (so long as you are not in default under this agreement) buy the rental water heater on an “as is, where is basis”, without any recourse, representation, warranty or condition from us (express, implied, statutory or otherwise, except for those which are given by statute and which you cannot waive), by letting us know in writing not later than 30 days before the date you want to buy the water heater. The price at which you may buy the water heater will be equal to the depreciated fair market retail value of the water heater as at the date you buy the water heater (as determined by us on a straight-line basis in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles and assuming, for the purpose of such determination, that the water heater is valued on an installed basis without regard to the cost of removal and has been maintained as required by this agreement) plus all other amounts owing under this agreement. If you exercise this option and pay all amounts owing under this agreement, title to the water heater will be transferred to you and this agreement will terminate
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When you choose Bradford White –you’ve made a wise decision. Unlike other brands that sell to homeowners in big box stores, Bradford White feels very strongly that water heaters should be installed and serviced by qualified licensed professionals only. So we always recommend you contact your local professional and let them know you want the performance and reliability of a Bradford White water heater in your home. Our pro scan help you select the right Bradford White water heater for your needs and professionally and safely install it in your home for years of worry-free service.
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Conventional Vents (CV) Are installed mostly in homes built previous to 2000 (and usually have a built in chimney) making them one of the more commonly used water heaters in GTA. Keep a reservoir of hot water available at all times so that when you turn on the tap, it's ready to use. Require an exit drain near the base of tank (usually in basement). Are good for high volume hot water applications. Can be fueled by either natural gas or propane gas. Are installed mostly in homes built after 1995, homes with no chimney or homes that have converted from another water heating source making them one of the more commonly used water heaters in Ontario. Blower motor is attached to the tank and pushes exhaust gas outside the home via the side wall. Usually provide long venting lengths. Can be fueled by either natural gas or propane gas. Are used where there is insufficient combustible air/where air is unsuitable for combustion (ie. bedroom or bathroom installations). Power Direct Vents (PDV) Starting from $33.99month: Are similar to DV but instead use a two-pipe system for venting. Use heating coils instead of natural gas to provide hot water for home. Do not contain storage tanks and fit compactly on a wall mount. Heat up on demand and deliver an endless supply of hot water by regulating water flow. Use less energy than conventional units, making them more efficient and environmentally friendly. Are similar to conventional units in that they both burn gas, exhaust flues and store hot water in an insulated tank. Exhaust gas and condensate exits through outlet at bottom of tank. Use less energy than conventional units because of how heat is transferred to water making them more efficient and environmentally friendly.